Psst, did you miss the announcement that my notebooks are back on my website? I designed these back in 2018 and stopped selling them last year as it wasn’t a product I was excited about anymore and not a product path I wanted to continue down.

But when I found them safely nestled in their box early this week I figured, well people might want new notebooks seeing as so many more folks are working from home. So I popped a poll up on insta stories and you all said you were keen!

Well I didn’t quite realise how keen you’d be! I posed them on my website on Wednesday and I’m about 3/4 sold out! If you saw my stories a couple weeks ago you’ll know that due to Covid-19 and my husband being placed on furlough for the last 12 weeks I don’t have the money to create new products right now. So thank you all for supporting me by picking up one of these notebooks! You’re not just helping me put food on my family’s table but I’ve even been able to squirrel away a tiny bit of cash into a pot to put towards future products, yay!

There’s not a lot of notebooks left but if you want to pick one up then they're listed on my website exclusively. Once these are gone then they’re gone for good but if there’s a lot of interest I might make a couple new notebook designs. So let me know what you think!