October & November Charity : Songbird Survival

October & November Charity : Songbird Survival

So as many of you will have seen, we put up our first bird feeder in our garden last week! BUT what you may not have realised is that the songbird populations in the UK have been struggling a lot.

So I’m super excited to announce that for October AND November, I’ll be fundraising for Songbird Survival They are an independent charity focusing solely on the decline of songbirds specifically in Britain but their website has great resources and blog posts about songbirds worldwide!

I’ve specifically chosen to fundraise for them for two consecutive months because as you may know I have several family engagements coming up that will impact on my shipping lead times (more on that later this week) and I feel like one month sometimes isn’t enough time to collect a significant amount of money for the charities I choose. So moving forward I’ll be fundraising for 2 consecutive months so that these maybe lesser known charities get as much exposure from me and help from you that they can! As always all donations will go through my Work For Good profile, Work For Good are such amazing champions of my small business as well as deals with all the legal stuff so I can do the bits I’m good at! Like creating and packing your lovely orders.

What songbirds do you have visit your garden? We have a little trio of blue tits that I suspect are nesting somewhere around our roof as they tend to hang around our house!