OMG I won an award!

OMG I won an award!

So this happened this morning!! The amazing folks over at Work For Good created “The Business for Good” award and I am the first ever recipient!

I am feeling SO honoured and so thankful for this. *Gets out Oscar speech*. But seriously though, this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for all the support you’ve all given me and my business. Whether that’s liking or commenting or purchasing. It all makes such a difference - it sounds like a cliche but it really does! And of course I can’t forget all the small businesses who’ve let me chat their ear off about donating to charitable orgs and have signed up to Work For Good because of it (fifteen of you. FIFTEEEN!!)

MASSIVE thanks to the Work For Good team for this incredible award. What a way to cap off the week! I am always singing their praises but honestly Work For Good are such amazing supporters of small businesses and have given me such incredible support from day 1 (when I met one of their staff at a Christmas market in 2018 and we got chatting!) and I would honestly recommend them to everyone.

Now I’m going to go and print this off so I can frame it!