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Portfolio Club : Circus

Portfolio Club : Circus

Jumping in SUPER last minute for #portfolioclub this month. Portfolio club is a hashtag where illustrators are given a set theme every month by different professionals and the theme for July was "circus" set by @louve.draws!
I thought this was a great chance to illustrate the amazing news that England has passed a law banning wild animals in circuses! 🎪
I remember going to the circus exactly once as a kid and I think they had horses - but I'm 99% sure there were no other animals (I'm pretty sure I would have remembered it better otherwise!). What I do definitely remember is laughing and being amazed and having a great time with my family without having wild animals being subjected to doing tricks for my amusement. And whilst I know back in the day it was trendy to have wild animals in circuses as an attraction, I think we can all agree now that wild animals definitely should be left in the wild!
Have you ever been to a circus? Tell me about it below!

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