Product Sneak Peek!

Product Sneak Peek!

Who’s ready for a product reveal!! I’m going to be slowly sharing more about the Conservation Crate over the course of this month and today I’m showing you one of the products I’ve designed!

If you don’t know what the Conservation Crate is, head a couple posts back in my grid to catch up, don’t worry, I’ll wait! You caught up? YAY!

As I said before, each Crate will have 5 products themed around an endangered animal. 4 of the products will be exclusive to the box and 1 product will be available in the store on its own. This is because a) I need to also be restocking my shop and b) I want as many folks as possible to be able to get a little something designed around each animal, so if you miss out on the limited edition Crates then you’ll have the chance to pick up one of these non-exclusive items!

So with all that out of the way - the non-exclusive item for November’s Crate is this huge eco friendly tiger sticker! It’s 10x7cm (roughly the size of my palm!) and 100% PVC free and recyclable (even the backing paper)! I’ve stuck mine on my iPad case for the past week and it’s holding up great!

Tell me in the comments what you would stick your tiger sticker on! And if you want to be in with the best shot of snagging a Conservation Crate make sure you sign up to my VIP Squad - they get the links to all my new products 24 hours before they go on general release!