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September Charity

Start of a new month which means a new charity for me to fundraise for! 
This month I'll be donating 10% from every sale to Cool Earth who works with indigenous communities to give them back control of the rainforests. Cool Earth are very much of the belief that the villages are the best caretakers of the rainforest (YES!) and they work directly where deforestation is the most severe and most damaging. By working with the villages they are ensuring the long term safety of the rainforest including the millions of species that call the rainforest home.
So far they've saved over 900,000 acres of rainforest, gotten 80 species on the IUCN red list protected status and given over 100 villages back the control over the forests! They also help equip schools for the villages as well as giving the villagers a new sense of empowerment and renewed pride in the rainforest.
As always I'll be making my donation through Work for Good - the fabulous team that allows me to make these donations legally so that I can focus on running my business!

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