Shark Week 2020 : Thresher shark

Shark Week 2020 : Thresher shark

Part two of “These Are A Few Of My Favourite Sharks” is the Thresher! Specifically I love the Common Thresher (they look so sweet!) but all threshers are pretty amazing!

There’s 3 extant species of threshers and they’re found worldwide in temperate and tropical waters. Threshers are easily identifiable by their tails, which can be as much as long as their entire body.

Sadly 3 species of thresher shark are all on the IUCN Red List, the Pelegic (endangered), the Bigeye (vulnerable) and the Common thresher (vulnerable) sharks are all suffering from decreasing populations.

Thresher sharks are sought after catches for recreational fishers and, though many are released after they’re caught, they can suffer from post-release mortality. Threshers are also prized for their meat, fins, skin and tails which makes them vulnerable to overfishing as well.

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