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At the start of the year I gave myself the challenge of starting and keeping a sketchbook this year. I thought I might manage 2, I figured 6 months each was plenty of time to fill a sketchbook. 

Well last week I started sketchbook number 4 and I’m already about 1/5th of the way through it!! Keeping physical sketchbooks has been an utter game changer for me. Not only am I so much more confident in my inking skills but the more I sketch and create the more ideas I’ve had. Though I have found I’m becoming a bit of a sketchbook snob and have found certain brands use papers I really don’t like using 🙈

Plus I have to admit, it’s nice to flip through and see my progress over this year! 
Let me know if you keep a physical sketchbook in the comments! Are you picky when it comes to paper brands like me or are you just happy to get your ideas down on paper? 

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