The Importance of Personal Projects

The Importance of Personal Projects

When I'm stuck in a creative block, I start a personal creative project. 

Day 5 of my 100 day project 2018

It sounds counter intuitive doesn't it? To be not finding the joy or the inspiration and using that as a starting place for a personal creative journey? But actually it's the perfect time for me to stop what I'm doing and start just making stuff that I love to do. I've done it twice in 2018, first with my 100 day project and then again with Inktober (done in the month of October). 

By giving myself free rein to do a project that I am passionate about I've found that I've often come up with so many ideas that I can't keep on top of it all. It's like opening the Pandora's box of creativity and inspiration! 

Some of my finished pieces from Inktober - I'll be turning them into a colouring book!

Every time I've made a major change to my business it's been linked to me doing a personal project. Maybe it's the feedback I've gotten from my followers on social media. Or maybe it's just unlocked something inside my brain that's given me even more ideas to keep going and keep going. 

It was doing my 100 day project that gave me the idea to donate a portion of my funds to WWF!

Regardless I really do believe in the power of personal projects. They're such a great way to try out new ideas and to push yourself creatively. I'm excited to continue to do them throughout my creative career!