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Toon Me Challenge!

Toon Me Challenge!

My entry for the #toonme challenge! Let’s be fair if I’m going to become a cartoon I’d absolutely be an animal rather than a person! 😂. It’s also been a while since I did an introduction post for #fridayintroductions so let’s get to know each other! Hi everyone, I’m Tash! I run my small business out of a room in my flat in London with the support from my husband, Mr H. When I’m not sketching or painting you’ll usually find me walking in the parks, checking out a museum or meeting pals for lunch. Before I started my small business I worked in theatre doing lighting, stage management and front of house management.
Shall we play two lies and a truth? Comment below to guess which of these statements about me is true!
1) I have two sisters
2) when I was 8 I won an egg decorating contest at school
3) I am originally from Canada

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