We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste properly

I sometimes feel like there's a lot of pressure to be "perfect" when trying to live a zero waste/sustainable lifestyle. And I'll admit, sometimes I fall off the bandwagon and I feel awful! Or I'll walk past our recycling bin at home and see how full it is and despair because I feel like I should be doing so much better.

I stumbled on this quote on Twitter and it instantly made me sit up. It's not about me doing a perfect zero waste life, but it's about me being as perfect as I possibly can be. And that's not phoning it in or excusing any behaviour, but it's about celebrating what I'm able to do and the changes I have made.

So let's celebrate each other's sustainable/zero waste wins! And let's encourage each other to do better. I reckon that at home we (Mr H and I) have around a 65-70% zero waste kitchen. What about you? 

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