What's in my travel art supplies

Let's talk travel art supplies! Recently I actually travelled out of London (a rarity nowadays!) and I'm notorious for getting bored on trains so I took some supplies with me.
This is my current travelling art kit (kit/stash/what do you call it?). Of course I'm using one of my screen printed t-rex pouches! I always have a few pencils with me (pre-sharpened) because I'm lazy sharpening them on the road! I don't have a covered pencil sharpener so what I do is take a small plastic bag with me to collect my pencil shavings in! That way it doesn't go all over the rest of my stuff! There's also two erasers, my Sakura Micron pens that I use for line work and my set of Promarkers cause they're so easy for on the go colouring, plus a small roll of washi tape, because it's always useful! And of course my sketchbook decorated with stickers!

Drop me a comment and tell me if you think I've missed anything out and what your favourite travel art supply item is! 

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