Who we're fundraising for : Jan 2021

Who we're fundraising for : Jan 2021

Happy new year, folks! It’s a new year and we are fundraising for a new wildlife org this month too - a great way to kick off 2021, right?

So this month we’ll be fundraising for Bumblebee Conservation Trust - a brilliant wildlife org that we fundraised for back in 2019! They are the only UK org dedicated to the plight of the bumblebee and helping to increase the habitat for bees as well as reintroducing bee species to parts of the UK where they are no longer found! Because it’s so important to orgs to have regular donations where possible, this year we’ll be fundraising for ones that we’ve donated to in the past so they can continue doing their amazing work! And as always we’ll be donating through the brilliant Work For Good

If you’re in the VIP squad then you should be getting an e-mail VERY shortly (if you haven’t already) with the 6 new products I’ve created to celebrate our new wildlife org - and if you aren’t in the VIP squad you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what they are! Honestly though my VIP Squad is the BEST way to keep in touch with me and find out about new product releases (they get 24 hour exclusive access to new products!) and what I’m up to. They also get fun perks like digital downloads!

And once again, happy new year, folks! Are you a bee fan? Let me know in the comments!