Who We're Fundraising For : Nov 2020

Who We're Fundraising For : Nov 2020

It’s Nov 1st!! If you’re new around here every two months we change what wildlife org we fundraise for. That’s cause there’s so many amazing conservation orgs out there that are doing brilliant work I want to help support and highlight as some of these orgs that I fundraise for I’ve not heard of before either!

So for Nov and Dec 2020 we’ll be fundraising for Tigers4Ever. They’ve only been around since 2010 and do brilliant work in India where the majority of the world’s wild tigers can be found. They help to provide anti poaching patrols to protect the wild population and also work directly with the local farmers and villages who live alongside tigers to make it so both people and big cats can live side by side safely.

As always I’ll be doing my donations through the brilliant Work For Good and they’re running a #SmallBusinessStar scheme this Dec so any donations made in Dec will be doubled (up to £500!). I usually do my donations on the 1st which means whatever we raise in Nov will be doubled!

Drop me your fave tiger emoji in the comments if you’re a fan of these brilliant big cats! 🐯