Who We're Fundraising For : Sept 2020

Who We're Fundraising For : Sept 2020

Hello September!! It’s the start of the month and that means it’s time to announce who we’ll be fundraising for in September and October this year! I’m so excited to announce that we are fundraising for the brilliant RSPB until Oct 31st!
RSPB may have started as a conservation organisation just for the protection of birds, however over the years they've grown to encompass all wildlife in Britain and they work with international orgs too!
In addition to their projects such as The Big Garden Bird Watch and The Big Wild Sleepout which they do to raise awareness and cultivate a love of nature in us all, they also are a member of Birdlife International and help other countries across the globe with their conservation work for species we also can find in the UK - because animals cross borders so conservation should too!

As always all my donations will be made monthly through the brilliant folks over at @workforgooduk who help small businesses like me be able to give back through our businesses without having to do all the legal paperwork every time. If you are thinking of donating through your business then make sure you check them out (DM me first for a referral code!)

There’s a fun new set of British bird themed digital downloads in the shop now if you want to help start the ball rolling on donations so head to the link in my bio to check that out!

And I’d love to know what your favourite bird species is in the comments. I will always be particular to eagles but I have a soft spot for the robin that hangs out in my garden!