The Under Appreciated Animals Podcast

The under appreciated animals podcast is a love letter to all my favourite under appreciated animals. Each episode focusing on a different animal species in each episode from horseshoe crabs to cassowaries to rock hyraxes and everything in between.

These are the animals that aren't often featured in the media and nature documentaries but are amazing and awesome in their own right and they deserve some attention.

New episodes every other Friday starting Sept 2022. 

The Under Appreciated Animals Podcast is currently on hiatus!

About your host

Tash is a self taught illustrator and lifelong wildlife lover. Her family raised her on trips to the zoos and aquariums wherever they were and some of her favourite childhood memories are ones at the zoo!

In 2017 Tash left her career in theatre and began her small business, Hatchling Makes, where she creates enamel pins, stickers, washi tape and stationery goodies from her wildlife illustrations.

As Tash draws on her inspiration from wildlife she feels like it's only right to protect it to inspire future generations. So 10% from every retail order is donated to wildlife conservation. You can find out more about who Tash is currently fundraising for here.

Episode List

001 - Aardvark
002 - Wombat
003 - Walrus
004 - Okapi
005 - Cassowary